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Import Auto Repair 101: A Quick Course

What Should You Know About Import Auto Repair? You know who you are! You love your imported car. It’s reliable and long lasting. It’s luxurious. It’s stylish. It performs well. Maybe it’s even all of the above. The bottom line is that your vehicle is special to you. Therefore, you should ensure that you’re aware […]

When Will My Vehicle Need Suspension Repair?

Signs That Should Send You for a Suspension Check-up Your vehicle’s suspension system is essential to a smooth ride. It’s easy not to ever think of the suspension system at all until something goes wrong: you hit a pothole, a speedbump, or other obstacle too hard, and suddenly you can feel every little bump in […]

The Essentials of Power Window Repair

A Thin Piece of Glass Even though your vehicle’s window is but a thin piece of glass, it’s all that stands between you and the heat, the cold, the rain, and a swarm of flying insects. If your auto is equipped with power windows, you’re at higher risk of window malfunction. How inconvenient is that? […]