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Stop on a Dime!–Slow Down Safely, and Quietly

It’s hard to quietly come to a stop when your vehicle’s squealing brakes are announcing your arrival. We’ve all been there, the braking system is “telling” you that they need some attention. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ve been neglecting your brakes’ services. You may not even notice the condition of the brakes because the it’s hard to hear the squealing inside the car’s cabin. Simply having the windows rolled up or the radio on, can make it hard to hear the brakes. Vehicle owners should occasionally drive with their windows down so they can hear the true condition of their brakes. Drivers should pay attention to the warning signs and be proactive. These earlier warning signs that your brakes need service will be audible. Your braking system was designed squeal when the brake pads have worn too low. Our crew is quick and efficient when performing all brake repair services.

OEM-Quality Braking System Parts

Other warning signs for your brakes can be felt in the steering wheel or in the brake pedal. The vibration or shuddering when you attempt to slow down is another attempt to let you know that the brakes need attention. Bring your vehicle’s braking system to Braaten’s Quality Auto Service today if you notice any of these warning signs. Act fast to avoid extensive damages. Failing to get your braking system’s squealing corrected will eventually turn into a metal-on-metal scraping sound. This grinding sound is unmistakable and a certified emergency. You should stop driving your vehicle at this point and bring it to Braaten’s Quality Auto Service as soon as possible. Our brake repair experts can perform top quality repairs and parts replacements for all braking system components, including brake pads, calipers, brake rotors, and brake lines. We’re also able to replace brake fluids and repair fluid leaks.

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Your brakes keep you and your passengers safe on the road. Brakes are your vehicle’s most important safety components and should be checked and serviced regularly. We’re the brake service experts that can keep your vehicle as safe and efficient as possible. Give us a call today at 701-795-5164 to schedule a brake repair service appointment. You can save time by scheduling right now while you’re still online. Just click over to our online scheduling system. Pick the day and time that works best for you and we’ll meet you here. Next time you’re in the area, slow down, and stop by our facility. Our brake repair experts are anxious to meet you. We gladly accept all of our walk-ins!