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Import Auto Repair 101: A Quick Course

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Import Auto Repair 101: A Quick Course

What Should You Know About Import Auto Repair?

You know who you are! You love your imported car. It’s reliable and long lasting. It’s luxurious. It’s stylish. It performs well. Maybe it’s even all of the above. The bottom line is that your vehicle is special to you. Therefore, you should ensure that you’re aware of its specific service and repair needs. If you don’t–or because you do–bring it to Braaten’s Quality Auto Service in Grand Forks, North Dakota, for all import auto repair needs.

Unique Vehicle, Unique Considerations

The first step to keeping your import in prime condition is following a sound plan of routine preventive maintenance service. For any vehicle, this includes basic care such as periodic oil and filter changes at the manufacturer’s recommended intervals, tire monitoring/care, fluid checks/top-offs/changes, etc. Additionally, certain brands outline a particular package of services and schedules. For example, Mercedes-Benz calls for A and B services. Service A is recommended at the 10,000 mile or one year mark. It includes routine care such as oil change, tire check, fluid top-off, etc. After 20,000 or two years, Service B calls for a repeat of these points as well as brake inspection, cabin dust filter replacement, and other maintenance services. Likewise, BMW specifies Service I and II visits. While these are specific to this car make, they are similar in nature and purpose to the Mercedes-Benz service milestones.

You should also know that it’s sometimes easier to take your automobile to a mechanic for repairs than to attempt them yourself even if you have a bit of vehicular knowledge. Unless you’re a serious home automotive repair enthusiast, you probably don’t have all the tools you’ll need. Why? Many imports use different sizes and/or shapes. Something that fits your neighbor’s Ford may not fit your Audi. Though the cars are great, the Volkswagen line is notorious for requiring specific tools to effectively perform service and repairs. Finally, you should also know that you have choices regarding services and repairs. Dealerships are great, particularly if you want to buy a new car or have manufacturer warranty work completed. You do not, however, have to spend the extra time and money to visit a dealership to keep your vehicle running well. As long as you maintain records (which we’ll provide), you can preserve the new car warranty even if you have us perform the maintenance services. What’s more, we can make repairs faster and often at less expense than the dealer’s on-site shop.

Foreign-Made Car, Local Service and Repair

Although foreign-made cars are your choice, it’s nice to have a local shop that can help you with services and repairs. Braaten’s Quality Auto Service cares about your vehicle as much as you do. Count on us to help you with any make or model, including your prized import.

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