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The Essentials of Power Window Repair

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The Essentials of Power Window Repair

A Thin Piece of Glass

Even though your vehicle’s window is but a thin piece of glass, it’s all that stands between you and the heat, the cold, the rain, and a swarm of flying insects. If your auto is equipped with power windows, you’re at higher risk of window malfunction. How inconvenient is that? A malfunctioning power window can make it difficult to do something as simple as taking advantage of a drive-through. You don’t have to deal with the problem for long, however. The ASE certified technicians at Braaten’s Quality Auto Service in Grand Forks, North Dakota, can take care of all your auto repair needs, including that power window that won’t work.

Common Topics in Power Window Repair

Power windows have weather stripping, tracks, and guides to hold them in place and facilitate proper fit. They also have a number of mechanical and/or electrical parts, including a control unit, regulator, regulator motor, wiring, and a switch. When something goes awry with any of these components, your power window will not work as it should. Although we’ll need to check your car to definitively diagnose your power window issue, we’ll outline a few commonly seen problems and their warning signs. Watch to see what your window does. If it moves but then stops before reaching the intended destination, your regulator or motor may be on its way out. Also, the weather stripping or track could be misaligned. This sometimes happens as those parts age and they become brittle and/or cracked. In addition, listen for sounds coming from the door area as you try to operate the window. If there’s no noise and no movement, something has clearly failed. This could be any of the electrical/mechanical parts that cause the window not to receive the power it needs to function. If it sounds as if a small motor is operating but your window isn’t moving, the underlying cause is likely a bad regulator. Likewise, a tick-tick-tick sound effect also points to the regulator. In both cases, the window motor is probably still operable.

The Ups and Downs of Power Window Repair

Regardless of which component has failed, the experts at Braaten’s Quality Auto Service can fix your window when it’s on the fritz. With two locations to serve you, we work on any make or model. Better yet, we stand behind our work, offering a 36,000-mile/36-month warranty on auto repairs. We’re also mindful of your time. We make same-day, quick-turnaround repairs when possible, and you can continue working using our free wifi should you choose to wait onsite.

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