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Brake Repair

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Common Brake Issues

The brake is a system of parts including brake pads, pedals, rotors, and calipers. If one or more of these parts experiences too much wear and tear, it affects the stopping power of your car. Each one causes a unique problem for your vehicle. A squealing or screeching sound when you stop is a sign of worn and thin brake pads. Driving around on thin or used-up brake pads is dangerous. With no protection from the pads, you get metal grinding together when you brake. It can cause sparks under your car and further damage your brakes. The pads need replacing immediately.

Your vehicle needs brake fluid to work properly. A leak can be caused by normal wear and tear or fault brake line or master cylinder. Where there is a fluid leak, your brakes can’t create the right amount of pressure to stop. Our mechanics can fix the leak and replace the fluid. If you feel your whole car shake when you stop, it indicates a problem with the rotors. The rotors are warped due to excessive heat and high humidity. Your rotors have an uneven surface, which is causing the vibrating. Our skilled technicians can smooth your rotors’ surface for smooth braking.

Your vehicle pulling to one side indicates a defective caliper. The calipers' job is to squeeze the brake pads and rotors together. If the calipers are warped, they apply uneven pressure between the rotors and brake pads. It causes the pulling. Damaged calipers need to be fixed immediately to prevent any accidents. When you apply the brakes, your pedal is not supposed to sink to the floor. This is called a “soft pedal.” These are caused by fluid leaking from the master cylinder. Driving around with soft pedals is not safe. They could cause a collision. Get yourself over to our shop for repairs.