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Suspension Repair

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Suspension Issues

Your vehicle’s suspension system comprises your tires, springs, shock absorbers, vehicle frame, and steering system. All of these parts work in sync to absorb shock from the road and make your vehicle safe to steer. Like all parts on your car, they do wear down and get damaged. There are some crucial signs to look out for if there is a problem with your suspension system.

Bumpy Ride

If you feel each pothole and bump in the road, there is an issue with your shocks and struts. The shocks are not absorbing the impacts. The struts are not making a proper connection between the wheels and the shocks. In this event, the parts need replacing.


If your car keeps pulling to one side, and it’s not related to your tire, then you have a problem somewhere with the suspension system. It is best to get it to the shop to have it checked immediately.

Uneven Braking And Steering

There are several things your vehicle should not do. If your car leans forward when you stop, rolls toward the side when you corner, or pulls back when you hit the gas, there is a severe issue with your suspension system.

Uneven Sitting

When all of your tires are properly inflated, your car will sit evenly on the ground. If there is no problem with your tires, and one side is sitting lower than others, you have a problem with your springs. You can also tell you have a problem with your springs by pushing down on your trunk. If you hear squeaking or even creaking, it’s time to have your springs fixed or replaced.