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Models And Services

All of these makes and models need routine maintenance that can be different from American cars. For example, Mercedes-Benz requires Service A and B. You need Service A during the first year of ownership or the first 10,000 miles. Service A covers fluid checks, oil replacement, tires, and brakes. Service B is required after 20,000 miles and every two years after that. It covers all the Service A checks as well as adding cabin filter replacement. Our shop is ready to handle both kinds of service. Imports also have problems special to their make and model.

Toyotas are a popular car brand, but they are prone to specific mechanical and structural issues. One common problem is that Toyotas can use an excessive amount of oil. This issue can lead to severe engine problems. Hondas are known for having cracked engines and frequent transmission failures. If you see any recurring issues with your import, our shop is ready to repair the problem. Our technicians are well-versed in the specific problems that affect all makes and models of imports.

It is vital to have a certified auto technician who works with imports and a shop with all the right parts. Imports need to use parts from their manufacturers. For imports, we only order the recommended parts to use on your vehicle. We treat your import car with the utmost care and importance. Our garage offers a wide range of preventative maintenance services and repairs for your import vehicle.