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Wheel Alignment

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Falling Into Line

There are many reasons why it’s essential to stay on top of wheel alignment. If your wheels and suspension system are out of alignment, your vehicle’s handling is off. You will experience pulling when you try to keep your car straight on the road. This is not safe and puts you and other people on the road at risk. If your steering wheel is vibrating, it means your tires are going in opposite directions. A vibrating or wobbling steering wheel is not good for safe driving or easy handling. Neither is an off-center steering wheel. Getting your car into the shop for wheel alignment is necessary for staying on the road.

A vehicle’s wheel alignment is based on three primary angles. They are caster, camber, and toe. The caster alignment assures the straight line giving your car stability. The camber angle keeps your vehicle stable when it is turning. If the camber angle is uneven, your car will pull to one side. The angle of the toe keeps your wheels facing forward. The toes should be facing the centerline of your vehicle. When all three angles are in their correct position, your vehicle’s handling and stability are improved.

If you wonder how often you should have your tires and alignment inspected, we recommend once a year. That number is for the average driver. If you constantly use your vehicle for work, we suggest coming in sooner. Your tires will wear down faster. Uneven tire tread could cause dangerous blowouts on the road. We know that it is sometimes hard to take time out of your schedule for a wheel alignment. On average, they take an hour or less. We promise to inspect and align your vehicle promptly!