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Brake Problems 101

The brake system has four main parts: brake pads, pedals, rotors, and calipers. Together, these parts help you stop and keep you safe. Unfortunately, no matter how carefully you drive, these parts will get worn and damaged. We’ve put together a list of common brake problems and their causes.

Loud Squealing Sounds

Worn, damaged, or thin brake pads cause these sounds. This is because the brake pads keep the metal from touching when you apply the brakes. Driving around on thin brake pads could cause sparks without this protection. Your brake pads need to be replaced immediately.

Shaking While Stopping

When you stop at a light or sign, your car should not shake and vibrate. If this happens, it means there is a problem with your rotors. The rotors stop your wheels from moving when the calipers grab them. If rotors are warped, which happens with extreme heat and humidity, they cannot grip the wheels evenly, causing the shaking.


Like nearly all parts of your, the brakes need fluid to function correctly. When you have a brake fluid leak, no part of your braking system has optimal performance. A leak is usually caused by worn parts. We can find the source of the leak and repair it quickly.

Soft Pedals

Your brake pedal should be firm and not touch the floor when you apply them. A soft pedal causes your brake pedal to reach the floor. A soft brake pedal is not a problem to ignore. Your stopping power is greatly affected. A soft brake pedal is fixable and sometimes just involves flushing the brake fluid.

Pulling To One Side

If you find your car pulling to one side when you brake, then your calipers are damaged. The calipers are the powerhouse behind allowing your vehicle to stop. It squeezes the brake pads and rotors together to slow and stop the wheels. A warped caliper distributes uneven pressure between the pads and rotors. The step is to bring your car into the shop asap for repairs.