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Suspension Repair

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Common Suspension System Problems

Working together, your tires, springs, shock absorbers, vehicle frame, and steering system help your car remain stable and smooth on the road. Bumps, potholes, and rough terrain all contribute to the wear and tear of these parts. As much as we want them to, these parts don’t stay in perfect condition. They all develop problems over time. The tires are the foundation of your suspension system. If there is uneven tread, it will throw the entire suspension off balance. If you experience pulling when you drive, this could be the problem. However, if the tires are not the cause, it is something defective with another part of your suspension system.

Shock absorption is a primary function of your suspension system. You should barely feel any bounce when you drive. However, if the shocks are damaged in your vehicle, you are in for a bumpy ride. The only solution is to replace the shocks immediately. Another cause is a problem with the struts. Struts are present on the front end of vehicles. It helps a car or truck pivot when it turns. A damaged strut will likely need to be replaced as well. Your car is supposed to sit evenly on the ground. However, if you notice a corner or entire side of your vehicle leaning, you have a problem with your springs. In addition, you can perform a bounce test on your vehicle. If you press down on either the hood or the trunk, and the car bounces, you have a problem with your springs and shocks. Pulling to either side when you drive is another sign of a suspension system issue. So is your car bowing up and leaning forward when you stop. None of these symptoms should be ignored.