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We Mean All Imports

We also service many more makes and models. All imports are prone to certain issues that are specific to that make and model. Audi cars are prone to frequent oil leaks that damage the electrical systems of the vehicle. Audis also have problems with timing belts and electrical issues. Subaru cars and trucks have recurring issues with the AC system. A defective O-ring causes the problems. It is an easy replacement in our shop. Subarus also experience front-end suspension defects. Bring your Subaru to us so we can get your suspension system working right.

Many import makes and models feature customized preventative maintenance and service schedules. Mercedes-Benz is the most famous for this. They require Service A and B. Service A is needed the first year of vehicle ownership, or after the first 10,000 miles, whichever comes first. Service A checks the fluid levels, oil changes, tire tread and pressure, and braking system. Service B happens after 20,000 miles and is needed every two years after the service. It is a combination of Service A’s options and adds on indoor filter replacements. It can be a hassle to keep up with both services, but our technicians are here to help.

Never Go Elsewhere

At Braaten’s Quality Auto Service in Grand Forks, ND, we use only the highest quality parts for repairs. We use parts specific to your import’s make and model. You will never need to worry about subpar repairs. Look us up at our South Washington location on 3105 S. Washington Street, Suite C. We love walk-ins as well as people who schedule an appointment. You can do that using our website tool or call us at (701) 780-8833 ext. 2. We treat both European and Asian imports with top-of-the-line care. You will never have to look elsewhere to keep your vehicle at its top performance levels.