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Wheel Alignment

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Wheel Alignment Basics

As we mentioned above, a vehicle’s wheel alignment is based on three essential angles. These angles are caster, camber, and toe. The alignment of the caster allows your car to drive in a straight line and provides stability. The camber’s angle helps maintain the even level of the car when you turn. You will experience pulling to one side if the camber is out of alignment. The toe straightens the tires, so they all face forward. The toes should always align with the centerline of your car. Wheel alignment ensures that your vehicle is driving straight and staying on the road evenly.

There are some easy to spot symptoms of poor wheel alignment. Most people know pulling to one side as a sign of bad alignment, but there are signs to look out for. If your steering wheel is vibrating while you drive, it’s time for a wheel alignment. A shaking steering wheel is severe, and an alignment shouldn’t be put off. It could cause an accident. If you have trouble steering at all, or the wheel is hard to turn, it’s a symptom of misalignment.

You don’t have to take much time out of your day to schedule a wheel alignment. Our technicians can have one finished in less than an hour. Car manufacturers and mechanics recommend that you get your wheels aligned at least once a rear. Tire rotation is part of routine maintenance, and they help maintain healthy alignment. You can trust us for quick and reliable service.